WALDA with new initiatives and accomplishments is now onboard


A Project staff with the position title of Project Resource Mobilizer and Coordinator is hired to serve WALDA for the next one Year. His name is Abdi Kumsa, Cell phone no.:+251-960-17-27-17, abdikumsa@gmail.com or abdiwalaldevass@gmail.com .

Project Implementation

WALDA implemented recently a project entitled Assistance to Victims of Critical Food Shortages in Dembi Dollo, Sayyo and Anfillo Districts of Kellem Wellega Zone in collaboration with Minnesota- USA based Wabii Maccaa Association (WMA):

  • Reached 1200 households with 25 kg of maize, and 1 litter of cooking oil each,
  • Household distribution: 480 in Dembi Dollo Town, 320 in Anfilo Wereda and 400 Seyo Wereda,
  • Sex composition of the households :644 (53.67 %) are male- headed, while 556 (46.33 %) are female-headed

The sample photographs provided here show how the distribution event looks like; and provision of certificate of recognition to the representative of the project’s implementer;

Resource Mobilization efforts made in the last three months

  • Responded to the Call for proposal on Youth Engagement Imitative and Empowering Youth to Promote Environment; by developing and submitting proposal to USAID and Energy Global Foundation GmbH and waiting for their decision to the respose.
  • Commenced communications with Oromia National Regional State Water Bureau on the possibilities of establishing partnership that will enable start working together in the areas of water and sanitation services provision to the needy target groups.
  • Commenced also working closely with a task force established by WALDA on the possibilities of improving livelihood of target groups to be identified; and on how to improve financial capacity of WALDA.