Homeless Elders

Help homeless elders

Food, shelter and clothes are necessary for the survival of human beings. Old aged people, especially those who do not have relief from immediate relatives and are childless suffer from lack of these indispensable resources. Old people are an asset of the country and play a decisive role in upgrading the socio-cultural development of the society. Contrary to the Oromo traditional respect for elders, these days, poor elderly people are considered worthless and insignificant. The potential of old aged people is overlooked and they are separated from social life. Due to this negative attitude towards them their medical and others needs are very often neglected.

In Kellem, there are 3,275 old aged people who are older than 60 years. Of these, a large proportion needs assistance. Many of these elders have lost their children to HIV and have to take care of their grand children. Others are childless, handicapped or even of poor health. Those assisted by Walal are homeless. Those who can move around earn a living by small trade or begging.

Walal has in the past built 14 low cost-houses (5 in Muggi, 1 in Abba Jarra and 8 in Dembi-Dollo). These are being used by about 20 elders (some are married couples). Although the objective, apart from providing a shelter, has been to enable these people to work and earn a decent living, this has not been done so far due to financial constraints. Some of the poor elders living in the 8 low-cost houses built by Walal in Dembi Dollo